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*GLOSS Salon and Style Bar's cancellation policy states that our software system will automatically save credit card information when you elect to pay with a credit or debit card at the time of your service. To avoid being charged for a missed appointment, please cancel your scheduled appointment prior to the appointment day and time. Appointments cancelled fewer than 24 hours prior to your reserved service time will be charged 50% of the appointment service total as will appointments that are not cancelled (no call/no show) with the saved payment information.When scheduling a service, you are reserving a stylist's time and, like an attorney, a doctor, a dentist, or a personal trainer, stylists are compensated on services provided during scheduled hours.

We thank you for honoring our stylists and our policies.


  • Heather Sahagian

Salon Etiquette: Is it okay to stay when your stylist leaves?

We've all been there at some point in our lives. We get an itch to do something new or we just need to discover what's beyond our comfort zone, so we quit our job, break up with a significant other, cut our hair, move to another state. It happens to everyone. But what about when it happens to your stylist?

Most people develop deep and real relationships with their hairstylists. It's one of those things where you're always spending time with this one person, usually more than most of your closest friends, and you see them for two or more hours, one on one, and it's every eight weeks. Over the course of a few years, you begin to know one another intimately; who their kids are, whether they're staying together with their spouse, their life history - they become more like a friend to you than just your hair stylist. So, what happens when you find out they're leaving your salon? That they're going somewhere new? Of course, want to follow them, but what if the salon they go to isn't like the salon you were at? Is it okay to go back to the other salon?

In a word, absolutely.

"But won't it be awkward?"

When stylists leave salons, it's not always a bad breakup. Some salon owners share in the excitement of a stylist spreading their wings and putting their face to the wind. After all, isn't that what every aspiring cosmetology student wants to do one day? Open their own salon? Work backstage at Fashion Week? Or, create their own style or brand behind the chair? The beauty industry is ripe with artists and creatives who thrive on external inspiration and stimulation, often in the form of a fresh environment or a new atmosphere, surrounded by new people and things, and salon owners know this. That is why they've designed the salon experience to be client focused and stylist influenced; therefore, when a stylist feels the itch to move on, the client can still expect to receive the same salon experience if she stays, no matter what.