233 West Lincoln Highway

Exton, Pennsylvania 19341



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Hair Cutting, Hair Coloring, Extensions, Blow Dry, Wedding Hair, Braids, Relaxers, Curly Hair, Straight Hair, Hair Styling, Waxing, Wella, Evo, Pulp Riot, Cezanne 

Located in the historic

John Whitford stone farmouse in Whiteland Towne Center

in Exton across from Hobby Lobby

*GLOSS Salon and Style Bar's cancellation policy states that our software system will automatically save credit card information when you elect to pay with a credit or debit card at the time of your service. To avoid being charged for a missed appointment, please cancel your scheduled appointment prior to the appointment day and time. Appointments cancelled fewer than 24 hours prior to your reserved service time will be charged 50% of the appointment service total as will appointments that are not cancelled (no call/no show) with the saved payment information.When scheduling a service, you are reserving a stylist's time and, like an attorney, a doctor, a dentist, or a personal trainer, stylists are compensated on services provided during scheduled hours.

We thank you for honoring our stylists and our policies.


  • Heather Sahagian

F*ck you, Pinterest

Pinterest is a big, fat liar. "12 mins each day for hot legs,"

"Build a home with three pallets" "Hair this perfect today." Ughhhhhhh. They lieeeeee. Those legs? They belong to a fitness model. That pallet home? Not even built out of pallets. That amazing hair with the eighth of an inch of black roots transitioning into the perfect violet, transitioning into a flawless lavender slash lilac that fades to white ends that you're coveting? This is where next level lies are born.

Pinterest fills us with hopes and ambitions, aspirations to be a better, I don't know, anything - build that deck, plant that garden, cook that meal - look what you can become. But what about all the things Pinterest has us strive to become only to fall short? How many people are living in shame and frustration due to so many Pinterest fails. Pins like, "Don't plant a garden unless you want to feel like shit about yourself because everything is going to die." Or, "That deck you think you can build? Not gonna happen. Save yourself the time and money and delete this pin." And, the hair ones. OMG, the hair ones. Those pins should read, "You'll never be able to achieve this color so just don't," and, "You're going to want this to happen in one visit but it's going to take a year to get you from a level two to a cool level ten and you'll hate your stylist for telling you that." C'mon, Pinterest, stop lying to us, especially about hair, because most people don't realize this but the majority of the hair pics on IG are pictures of wigs. F*ck you, Pinterest.

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